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Cabin Crew Training Academy in Mumbai

Introducing the Cabin Crew Training Academy in Mumbai, a flagship initiative by Fly By Aviation LLP that sets the benchmark for exceptional aviation training. Nestled in the heart of Mumbai, a dynamic aviation hub, our academy is dedicated to shaping proficient and polished cabin crew professionals who will excel in the aviation industry.

Cabin Crew Training Academy in Mumbai

Our training academy is a testament to our commitment to delivering world-class education. Crafted by industry veterans, our comprehensive programs are meticulously designed to provide a holistic understanding of cabin crew responsibilities. With seasoned instructors sharing their practical insights, trainees gain a deep understanding of safety protocols, passenger service excellence, and inflight management.

Your Path to Premier Cabin Crew Training

What sets our Cabin Crew Training Academy apart is our emphasis on immersive learning. The academy features cutting-edge facilities that replicate the aircraft cabin environment, enabling trainees to undergo lifelike simulations and scenarios. This hands-on approach ensures that graduates step into their roles with confidence and competence.

Eligibility for Cabin Crew :-

Age :- 18 to 28

Education :- 12th Pass

Height :- 154 cm

Eye Sight :- Normal or Correct Vision

Course Duration:- 6 Months

Module Details:-

  • Introduction of Cabin Crew life style
  • Customer Service Training
  • Grooming And Make up
  • Aviation Specific tanning
  • Communication Skills
  • Personality Development
  • Manner and etiquette


  • Course Offered Certificate
  • Eligiblility 12 + or Equivalent
  • Students: 15 / Batch
  • Duration: 6 months

Diversity is at the core of modern aviation, and our academy celebrates this by fostering a culture of inclusivity. We nurture a cosmopolitan environment where individuals from various backgrounds come together to learn the art of effective communication and culturally sensitive service. This equips our graduates to cater to a diverse global clientele seamlessly.

Beyond technical skills, we instill qualities of leadership and teamwork. Our academy recognizes the importance of cabin crew members working cohesively under various circumstances. Through collaborative exercises and real-world simulations, we mold individuals who can take charge and maintain composure, even in challenging situations.

Join Us Now!

Embark on an exciting journey with Fly By Aviation’s Cabin Crew Training Academy in Mumbai. With our avant-garde facilities, experienced instructors, and a focus on producing industry-ready professionals, you’ll be well-prepared to take on the skies as a confident and skilled cabin crew member. Your dreams of a thrilling aviation career start right here.

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