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He belongs to a middle class family and son of a government servant and totally from non aviation background born in small town but achieved his dream proving that nothing is impossible if you have strong will power. He is currently working as a captain on B737 in an airline from last 7 years. He started pursuing flying training since 2007 from New Zealand and USA in the year 2008. He has scored highest marks in Indian DGCA Air Regulation. He has worked with a Gurgaon based company as Glider pilot. He did his Boeing 737 training from London and joined airline as First officer in the year 2011. He has also completed his graduation in BBA (flying).

Capt. Ankit

Rohit,is a captain on the boeing 737's with an aviation experiance of 10 years. A graduate and an airline captain, rohit started his journey in 2006 from new zealand where he earned his commercial pilot license. Hailing from a defence background with no one around in the field of aviation and a dip in the industry during that period ,capt rohit was unemployed during that period and worked in various different non aviation fields . He persued his type rating on the b737 from uk in 2010 and eventually took off . There was no looking back then. “with sincerity, hard work, morality and an attitude of gratitude, u can achieve what you dream to "is what is he quotes today.

Capt. Rohit

Capt Rahul currently working in an airline. Started career in aviation industry from 2007 with no aviation background made his way through reputed airline from 2011 with total flying experience of 6000 hours on B737. Completed Graduation in Bsc AVIATION and POST GRADUATION MBA in OPERATIONS

Capt. Rahul

Capt Smit is self motivated, team player and has a great work ethic. Having come from a Non aviation background he found his own way, in and around all the obstacles that came his way. He has done his Diploma in Textiles and Business administration he finally joined aviation. With total aviation experience of more than a decade, he is now ready to mentor new and emerging pilots to achieve their lifelong dream and help them EARN THEIR WINGS!

Capt. Smit